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9 of the Best Amenities Found in Luxurious Hotels

More than the soft bed linen, penthouse suite sizes, and panoramic city views, what guests remember the most when staying at extravagant hotels are the amenities that make a difference. Private pools, pet salons, personal butlers – these are just some of the best perks that luxury hotels offer to leave a lasting impression for the guests.

As enjoyable as it is to discuss each amenity that upscale and 5 Star Luxury Hotel offer, we’ll start with the straightforward features that make every guest’s visit a memorable one.

  1. Mobile Phones

Some luxurious hotels in the world provide their guests with mobile phones for some reasons. Perhaps, the most obvious reason why they do that is that their areas are so huge that the guests require shuttles to transport them from one point to another. With a mobile phone, one can request to be picked up from a certain location. It’s like Uber for the hotel vehicle.

Another reason for providing mobile phones is that these devices can be used for communication purposes. That only means a guest can call his or her butler whenever he or she has something to ask.

  1. Car Check-In

Although most luxury hotels offer private airport pickups and transfers, others go the extra mile, providing fast check-in process, which can be done in the car. This is indeed a great feature for hotels that are located far from the airport, wherein guests may arrive past the check-in time.

Such feature provides relief and convenience, because a guest can go straight to the room and sleep after long hours of travel.

  1. Complimentary City Drop-Off and Pick-Up Service

If a 5-star hotel is located far from the city, they usually offer vans that leave the hotel at specific times of the day. And the more extravagant the hotel is, the better their services for this.

  1. Private Movie Theater and DVD Library

Movie channels are common in luxury hotels like Cuixmala and Hacienda de San Antonio, but what about private movie theaters and individual DVD library? Truth be told, nowadays, it is rare to come across luxury hotels that offer amenities. And if you ever step your feet into these hotels, you are one lucky soul. Imagine an extensive movie library in the comforts of your own personal rooms!

  1. Luggage Forwarding Service

Whether a guest is departing or arriving, luxurious hotels offer luggage forwarding services to guests, which include packing and unpacking service. This allows guests to save time and give them the assurance that their luggage arrived intact.

Although a luggage forwarding service involves a third-party freight company, upscale hotels do not ask their guests for an added fee.

  1. Mini Bars

In some hotels located in party destinations, guests can request what items they want on their mini bar. As a matter of fact, almost all 5-star hotels employ private chefs to attend to every special dietary requirement of the guests. This is an excellent option for guests who travel from abroad. Of course, they don’t have much time to prepare their daily dietary items. In addition, private mini bars can save guests from running to the local grocery store!

  1. Meals Anywhere!

It’s amazing to know that there are luxury hotels that allow their guests to finish their breakfast late. But do you know what’s even more amazing? It’s when a hotel provides breakfast with no time limit at all and have it delivered straight to your room at no added cost!

  1. Couples Massage

For couples who are out for a honeymoon, some upscale hotels offer a one-of-a-kind couple massage service. Apart from a beautiful ambiance, a personal masseuse will round out a relaxing experience by kneading all your worries and problems away.

  1. Room Service for Travelers with Pets

There are luxury travelers who can’t leave their fur babies behind. Thankfully, many 5-star hotels welcome pets and offer complete pet pampering services that feature made-to-order meals, such as buffalo marrowbone, filet mignon tartare, doggie ice cream, and other classic treats. They also allow guests to pre-order specialty pet needs, such as paw butter, aromatherapy sprays, and a lot more!

While ordinary travelers are happy with complimentary bath essentials, bottles of water, and a few candies left in the room, after knowing what luxury hotels are offering their guests, you might want to take your travel experience to a whole new realm. Start with luxury hotels in the vicinity, such as Cuixmala and Hacienda de San Antonio.

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