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Cuixmala by Lauren

Set on a vast private estate along the Pacific Coast in Mexico sits Cuixmala. Among the many things that set Cuixmala apart from other boutique hotels are an exotic animal preserve, a turtle sanctuary, a coconut plantation, and an organic farm where most of the food consumed on the property is grown. Who doesn’t wants to rent a luxurious and private casita on the Virgin Coast? And did I mention most rooms come with your own chef and butler?! A girl can dream.

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  • Just another afternoon where the line between dream and reality seemingly disappears. 
  • | Casa Cuixmala |

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  • Beautiful sunset from Casa Cuixmala’s pool 🌅 Rg- @poppydelevingne #cuixmala
  • There’s nothing better than an evening stroll around the property🙌🏻 #cuixmala #travel #mexico #sunday
  • Regram @foresttravelagency ‘s beautiful shot of Casa Cuixmala’s swimming pool🌴
  • Our chefs never fail to deliver amazing dishes! Both restaurants and all private villas serve only the freshest organic ingredients, and pay close attention to every detail.
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  • A truly magical moment, getting up close and personal with the alpha male of our Eland Antelope herd.

A fully grown bull can weigh up to 2,000 lbs (900kg), and if startled reach speeds up to 42mph (70kph)... our speed limit is 30kph!
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  • Not everyone is off to a slow start on this tranquil Sunday morning... .
With currently over forty Zebra in our herd, be sure not to miss this spectacular sight in the heart of our property. They’re pretty easy to spot...
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  • Drift away while enjoying an amazing meal, amongst breathtaking views, from Casa Cuixmala.
Contact reservations to save your spot at our 5 course Valentine’s Dinner, February 14th!

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  • There’s only one place to spend Valentine’s Day! Contact reservations now to reserve your spot in Casa Cuixmala, and enjoy a 5 course meal that rivals the view!

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  • Come wine, dine, & align with your loved one this Valentine’s Day at Cuixmala!

Follow the link in our bio to see our Romantic Deluxe Package, available all month long!
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  • Staying in on a Friday never sounded so nice!
The bungalows adjacent to Casa Cuixmala offer unparalleled privacy and luxury, amidst a lush green landscape, with breathtaking lagoon and ocean views. 
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