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Cuixmala is the perfect place for that special celebration, a 40th birthday, an anniversary or just a chance to celebrate. Dancing under the stars, Mariachi, DJs, entertainers and fireworks are just a few of the things that Cuixmala has to offer. The ability to take over the entire property gives you and your guests an unusual level of privacy. Cuixmala, with its long history of staging events, is able to offer your guests a wide variety of experiences both day and night.


Cuixmala provides a magical backdrop for a destination wedding. The setting of the wide sandy beach facing the ocean and its elegant staircase and pool terrace, makes for an unforgettable wedding experience. An array of venues gives your guests a wide variety of events from beach barbecues to cocktails and dinners at various villas on the property. The majestic spaces of Casa Cuixmala are ideal for receptions. Cuixmala is also a dream destination due to the fact that the entire property can be dedicated to your wedding.



Cuixmala is the ideal setting for Retreats, Workshops and Symposiums. Cuixmala has hosted yoga retreats by renown yoga instructors Kathy Wolff and Maya Fiennes. Workshops such as one on Indigenous Wisdom led by Dr. Howard Teich and Dr. Don Jacobs and another a Writer’s Workshop led by a group of prominent authors both took advantage of the unique settings that Cuixmala offers. Recent Symposiums on Bio Dynamics and the work of Daniel Pinchbeck were enhanced by the unspoiled natural setting of Cuixmala.

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