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A luxurious resort located in Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Cuixmala has since served many happy and satisfied guests.

Iristraveldesigner, a contributor for TripAdvisor said, – “This has the most stunning place we have ever stayed at, and we have traveled extensively. The nature, the exclusivity, the privacy, the deco, the service… there is no words or pictures to describe its beauty. Private beaches and an enormous private nature reserve that you cannot see the end to. Crocodiles, zebras, antelopes, horses, whales, turtles, fishes of a thousand colours. An endless view of Mother Earth at its best.”

“I will repeat what others have said and will say this place is amazing/fantastic/magical! We came with our children and stayed in the casitas. I’m not sure if we lucked out or if normal but we pretty much had the resort to ourselves. The activities such as baby turtles released at night, riding horses through coconut groves and on beach, boat ride on lagoon with crocs and birds and just being on the private beach were all wonderful. The highlight was going to the beach 30 min away and being cooked amazing food while kids (and adults) played in the calm cove with all the equipment they provide. The service at this resort from everyone was really over the top amazing. You could ask for almost anything and I am sure they could get it done 🙂 We all loved the food – grown from the biodynamic farm on the property and meat/cheeses/yogurts all sourced from their other property inland – was delicious. Nothing over the top fancy but just well cooked and yummy food (and plenty of it). We are already planning our next trip back,” – says rrhsunny76 of TripAdvisor.

  • Just another afternoon where the line between dream and reality seemingly disappears. 
  • | Casa Cuixmala |

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  • Beautiful sunset from Casa Cuixmala’s pool 🌅 Rg- @poppydelevingne #cuixmala
  • There’s nothing better than an evening stroll around the property🙌🏻 #cuixmala #travel #mexico #sunday
  • Regram @foresttravelagency ‘s beautiful shot of Casa Cuixmala’s swimming pool🌴
  • Our chefs never fail to deliver amazing dishes! Both restaurants and all private villas serve only the freshest organic ingredients, and pay close attention to every detail.
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  • A truly magical moment, getting up close and personal with the alpha male of our Eland Antelope herd.

A fully grown bull can weigh up to 2,000 lbs (900kg), and if startled reach speeds up to 42mph (70kph)... our speed limit is 30kph!
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  • Not everyone is off to a slow start on this tranquil Sunday morning... .
With currently over forty Zebra in our herd, be sure not to miss this spectacular sight in the heart of our property. They’re pretty easy to spot...
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  • Drift away while enjoying an amazing meal, amongst breathtaking views, from Casa Cuixmala.
Contact reservations to save your spot at our 5 course Valentine’s Dinner, February 14th!

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  • There’s only one place to spend Valentine’s Day! Contact reservations now to reserve your spot in Casa Cuixmala, and enjoy a 5 course meal that rivals the view!

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  • Come wine, dine, & align with your loved one this Valentine’s Day at Cuixmala!

Follow the link in our bio to see our Romantic Deluxe Package, available all month long!
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  • Staying in on a Friday never sounded so nice!
The bungalows adjacent to Casa Cuixmala offer unparalleled privacy and luxury, amidst a lush green landscape, with breathtaking lagoon and ocean views. 
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